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Yes, you heard us right!

The Monkey has been a part of our store for a while now. He swung by one day and asked if we'd be willing to set him up a corner so he could try to earn some money for bananas through a game of chance. We kept feeding him, but he just would not stop screaming about how hungry he is, so we enlisted the shop patrons to help us out! At this point if someone doesn't feed him daily we're pretty sure he'll decide to leave for greener pastures, and we're honestly too used to him at this point. He is a very personal monkey and only lets people feed him when they're at the store with him, so make sure to stop by the store to meet him (and please help feed him! He gets cranky otherwise.)

Feed the Monkey, you say?

The Monkey is very much about the vibes, and wants everyone to get something for helping him out with his banana fund. He'll let you roll 4 dice of the six sided variety (no more no less); every roll wins something!

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