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Rolemaster Character Records 1995

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    Tired of thumbing through book after book and scribbling notes on notebook pages while designing your Rolemaster character? Ever wish you had all the information about your character-skills, skill costs, stats, spell lists, next-level developments, etc., all on a few well-organized pages? Wait no longer!
    The Rolemaster Character Records are here.
    Each profession's individual character sheets provide:

    • Specific development point costs and level bonuses for every Rolemaster skill, integrated into individualized character sheets for every Rolemaster character profession, up to and including Rolemaster Companion IV.
    • Expanded space for skill areas that are frequently broken down into more specific areas for professions which use them most.
    • Plenty of room to detail all of the facets of your favorite character, such as Armor Type, stats, Resistance Roll bonuses, physical and personality traits, equipment, spell lists, background, and modifiers of every type.
    • Extra room left for you to add your own original skills, spell lists, stats, and much more.
Available November 20th!
Available November 20th!
Available November 20th!
Available November 20th!