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Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

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    Journey across the Forgotten Realms, from the Sword Coast to the Underdark, in the ''Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves game! This immersive board game features characters, locations, and monsters inspired by the 2023 film. Choose from the five hero characters of the movie, each represented by a pewter player token molded after their iconic weapons along with a matching Character Card. Each character has a special ability, giving every player a unique edge during gameplay.

    Players travel together as an adventuring party, seeking out useful items and powerful spells, and collecting treasure at each location. But beware; terrifying monsters, devious Red Wizards, and backstabbing rogues hide around every corner! Only skill, and the luck of the D20, will decide your fate. Fail, and you will suffer a penalty. Succeed, and you will secure the location along with some precious gold coins. The game ends when all locations have been secured. The player with the most gold wins!

    You can even customize the game, thus jazzing up subsequent plays, by utilizing the Dungeon Master Deck. These cards can change certain locations and/or adventures or even add extra monsters to make your quest more perilous.

    Inside the box, you will find the gameboard, 5 player tokens, 5 Character cards, 16 Adventure cards, 30 Magic & Mystery cards, 9 Dungeon Master cards, the Dungeon Master Deck envelope, a 6-sided die, a 20-sided die, 90 cardboard gold coins, and the game guide.

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