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Bananagrams Party Edition

Bananagrams Party Edition

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  • Description

    Mix in the chaos, stir up the fun! The word-racing frenzy that sees you steal letters, swap places, and even destroy other players word grids!

    BANANAGRAMS Party Edition captures the addictive fun of the original, but with 14 chaos-inducing new tilesSo start the party and let the mayhem begin!

    * 14 new tiles that will make the whole family go bananas!* All the fun of the original game but with additional party tiles* Cross word and game lovers will want to play this over and over again* Fun for the whole family, age 2+* Perfect for on the go, as the game comes in a handy pouch that contains all your tiles* Party power tiles add chaos to the sneakiest, cheekiest Bananagrams ever!

  • Details
    Ages: 10 and up